Welcome to Arizona Private Lender Association

Arizona Private Lender Association (“APLA”) was founded to serve the needs of Arizona private money lenders who provide loans secured by real estate with funds from private sources.

The mission of APLA is to represent, promote & foster the business of bringing private capital to Arizona for real estate projects. Further, APLA works to provide standards of conduct and education for Arizona private money lenders. APLA may also coordinate with state and federal agencies on behalf of its members.


Arizona Private Lender Association loan-iconIf you have a loan request you may either contact our members here, or alternatively, you may fill out our loan request form and it will be sent to every members of the Arizona Private Lender Association. This is a very efficient way for you to receive potentially many responses to your loan request. And remember, by working with a member of the Arizona Private Lender Association, you know that you are working with a licensed and regulated mortgage company and individuals that adhere to our Code of Conduct.

AZDFI LogoEvery member of APLA is either the owner, responsible individual, or an employee of a company licensed and regulated by the
Arizona Department of Financial Institutions.

Code_of_Conduct rulesAll APLA members must adhere to a Code of Conduct.  APLA has two types of Members:
Regular and Affiliate.
APLA has a Membership Committee that screens and makes recommendations on all membership applications.

FRAUD ALERT!!! A fraudster has been using APLA’s logo and actual members’ contact information and posing as a legitimate private lender and requesting bank account information by email. THIS IS A SCAM! APLA is not in the business of making or negotiating loans. Please notify us if you have been contacted by any person posing as a lender from the APLA that requests your bank account information. We will confirm if the person you are working with is in fact an actual member of the Arizona Private Lender Association. Thank you.

New APLA Member
We welcome everyone who believes they may qualify as either a Regular or Affiliate member of APLA to come to a Member Meeting (at no charge) to see if you think APLA would be a good fit and value for you. We request that after your visit as a guest you will apply to join APLA if you wish to attend future member meetings.  So come join us and learn first hand how being a part of APLA will benefit you!
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To apply for membership, as either a regular or affiliate member, click here.